Beyond the PDT
The Final Trading Frontier

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Beyond the PDT frequently interviews talented traders to extract their best insights, tips and strategies.

The Pattern Day Trading Rule

For many new traders, the Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT) is a looming milestone. The regulation, passed by the SEC in 2001 following the DOT COM bubble burst, limits the number of trades taken in a 5 day period if an account is below $25,000.

Twenty-Five thousand dollars is a large amount of money for a beginning day trader. As a result, many day traders begin their journey under the PDT and have a mountainous climb to pass the $25,000 mark to freedom.

At Beyond the PDT, Bryce and Matt explore the internet and social media to highlight traders struggling to break PDT, ones who have just broke the milestone and successful traders who have made it Beyond the PDT.

Through informal interviews, the team behind Beyond the PDT examine what it takes to grow a small account past the PDT mark and how to turn that success into a full time trading career. The episodes are full of tips and tricks to help keep traders focused, teaching them how to grind to success, and exposing profitable trading strategies and education resources. As a community, Beyond the PDT hopes to inspire new traders and help traders of all levels become consistently profitable.


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