Our Story

Bryce and Matt met as freshman in University while attending Rochester Institue of Technology. The two (now roommates) bonded immediately over their passion to become financially free and escape the typical path laid out by society. Naturally, the two fell in love with trading and have been working on their craft every day first to make it Beyond the PDT through consistent profitability.

Our Approach

Beyond the PDT is an educational podcast that seeks out day traders who are honing their craft and making it in the trading world. Through informal interviews, the team behind Beyond the PDT expose the hard work, dedication, and obsession needed to become a successful day trader.

Meet the Team

Beyond the PDT was founded to help the struggling traders in the trading community to find consistency and reach the notorious PDT mark. The podcast and website were not created by massively successful day traders but rather two struggling day traders who are looking to break through the PDT mark themselves. Through informal interviews and a never-ending learning process, Matt and Bryce are looking to become consistently profitable day traders themselves while helping members of the trading community discover the insights and strategies of successful day traders.


Matthew Monaco

Podcast Founder

Matt started day trading penny stocks in May 2016 inspired to find consistency and to escape the looming 9-5 rat race. In his two and a half years of active day trading, Matt has tested many trading strategies in numerous niches with little success and multiple blown accounts. However, his grind and determination led him to a mentor who has dramatically helped Matt's trading ability. After years of failure, the process finally started to pay off as he approaches the PDT mark and looks to make it Beyond the PDT in 2019.


Bryce Tuohey

Podcast Founder

Bryce started day trading low float small caps in September of 2017 after seeing the potential it had to lead to a financially free life through hard work and determination. In his year and a half of learning, Bryce has worked hard to find a strategy that worked for him, and like many new traders, jumped in with large size far too fast. Before losing too much money, Bryce began using smaller size and tracking data for strategies that he felt worked for him, and is now starting to work on sizing up again with hopes of breaking through the PDT by the end of the year.

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